Real Estate Foreclosure

I received a complaint from the sheriff when do I have to move out? When a foreclosure complaint is filed by the attorneys representing a borrower’s bank the first step in the legal process is to make sure that the foreclosure complaint is “served” on the borrower. This means that the borrower must receive a […]

Real Estate

Real Estate Purchase Practice Tip

Buyers be aware that real estate closings now occurring are within 60 days of the due date for property taxes in all counties around the metropolitan Chicago area. If you are purchasing and taking out a mortgage, most lenders are requiring title companies to hold what is called a tax indemnity. The title company holds […]

Child Support, Family Law

Child Support – Why Do

At the present time the Illinois divorce statute and case law is firmly based on the “percentage of income” model of establishing the child support payment a non-custodial parent is to pay. For example if the married couple have one child the statute calls for payments to be based on 20% of the non-custodial parent’s […]