Pursuant to the Illinois statue, 770 ILCS 60/7, a valid mechanic’s lien needs to (1) provide a brief statement of the claimant’s contract, (2) the balance due after allowing all credits and (3) a sufficiently correct description of the real estate at issue to make it identifiable. Of course this presumes that the contractor filing the lien does so within four months (120 days) of the substantial completion of work. This further presumes that the contractor gave written notice to the real property owner of a default on payment after said substantial completion. The lien must be foreclosed, through properly filed litigation, within two years of the filing of the lien, unless the property owner delivers a properly noticed demand to foreclose and then the case must be filed within 30 days of the notice. All of which presumes that the mechanic’s lien itself was drafted properly – to be covered in our next blog.