Hard to imagine that boating can be a topic for our blog in light of the cold weather outside but legislation never sleeps. Thus under Public Act 098-0103, and effective January 1, 2014 any person operating or having physical control of a motorboat in Illinois who is involved in a personal injury or boating accident shall have presumed to have consented to a blood, breath and urine test for the purpose of determining the content of alcohol or drugs in the the person’s blood if arrested for a violation of the Boat Registration and Safety Act or similar provisions of local laws. A refusal to allow the administration of the testing by an arresting officer may result in the suspension or disqualification of the boater’s vehicle driving license. If the test discloses a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater the person’s vehicle driver’s license will be suspended commencing 45 days after the notice of suspension is provided to the boater. Relevant existing suspension/disqualification provisions for motor vehicle licenses in case of a DUI will apply.